Heat Transfer

HYFAB heat transfer packages offers engineers, contractors and owners a properly operating and designed heat transfer system guaranteed to give years of trouble free and energy efficent operation. With over 30 years of packaging experience combined with 50 years of steam and hydronic systems expertise HYFAB can provide owners with the reliable and energy efficient systems they demand. HFYAB heat transfer packages are pre-tested, UL 3rd party approved and thoughtfully engineered with overall system performance in mind. Whether for new construction or up-fit applications HYFAB packages offer better cost control, superior quality control and single source responsibility. By utilizing the 3-CAD technologies in the design phase you know exactly what you are getting long before the project is installed. HYFAB can help optimize equipment selections for life cycle costs. Optimized heat exchanger selections for lower operating costs. Prefabricated steam pressure reducing stations for energy efficient low pressure steam designs Variable speed drives with optional pump controls for energy savings Condensate flow limiting valves for long seal life Condensing gas fired boilers for ultra high efficiency   STANDARD EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: • U-tube heat exchangers • Steam relief valves • Steam traps • Vacuum breakers • Electric condensate return pumps • Pumpless condensate units • Inline and base mounted pumps • Pump accessories • Hydronic indicators • Air control components • Steam valves • Steam headers • 50 years experience OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: • Glycol feed systems • Chemical feeders • Environmental enclosures • Steam valve bypasses • Steam trap test stations • Non standard materials of construction • Special controls and control enclosures • Custom specified components • Gasketed and brazed heat exchangers • Water to water heat exchangers • Double wall heat exchangers

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